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About the Schauspielkollektiv- Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg

about us

The Schauspielkollektiv- Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg is an independent professional theater and was founded, in 2005.


Our trademark is children's and youth theater with high social relevance, as well as contemporary evening theater.


Our theater is colorful, often a bit weird, sometimes provocative, sometimes playful and sometimes brave. Then again tender and full of poetry.


Our productions are always emotional and controversy is intentional.


Only one thing is truly not allowed in theater:

It should never be boring. Life is just too short for boring theater!


We play up to 150 performances a year, mainly in rural areas, but also in large cities.


Most of the time we play in theaters, schools, youth and cultural centers, as well as in children`s and youth`s psychiatric institutions, prisons, pedestrian zones, town halls, pubs, churches ...


Theater can be played everywhere and sometimes we even deliberately look for unusual or particularly atmospheric locations for our productions.


In addition to our mobile work, we have a permanent venue with the KulturBäckerei Lüneburg since 2014.


We look for an encounter at eye level in every performance and do not want to educate our viewers. This is particularly important for children's and youth theater, because our work is only accepted if we take our audience seriously. It is also our firm conviction that children and young people have the same need, but also the same right, to experience art that touches the reality of their lives in the same variety and quality as adults.


Our rehearsal times are well above average and, if necessary, we work with recognized experts. This phase of content analysis usually begins a year before the first rehearsal. Aesthetically, we strive for the highest possible quality too and, within the scope of our possibilities, sometimes make a high technical effort.


We keep experimenting with filmic and other multimedia elements.


Often we get the feedback, that it is precisely this quality requirement that so many educational institutions have worked closely with us over the years.


The theater performances can be supplemented by workshops on the respective content.


We design our schedules together with children and adolescents, as we are in constant contact with our young audience through our theater-pedagogical work. But sometimes the child in us also decides.


Some of our productions are invited as part of prevention concepts and for political education and are accompanied by our theater educators.


In children's and youth theaters, we keep the audience as small as possible, because we believe that communication and the opportunity to interact are essential quality features.


A subsequent audience discussion is therefore a matter of course and is also possible in several small groups if necessary. But we also invite our adult audience to come and talk to us after the performances.


After all, our art is only completed by the presence of the viewer and his imagination, his empathy.

Thomas Flocken
Thomas Flocken


Has worked in the theater since his early youth. After studying at the acting school Margot Höpfner school in Hamburg, he worked at various theaters across Germany, including the West German Tourneetheater Remscheid, the North Hessian Landestheater Marburg, the Ernst Deutsch Theater Hamburg, the Theater Lüneburg (long-term permanent member of the ensemble) and the Jagsthausen Castle Festival. Since 2001 he has also worked as a director. In 2005 he founded the Schauspielkollektiv – Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg together with Julia v. Thoen.

Julia v. Thoen
Julia v. Thoen


Her work stations were the Mainz State Theater, the Jagsthausen Castle Festival and the Lueneburg Theater. Since 2005 she has been leading the Schauspielkollektiv- Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg and has taken over the management. She is also active as a director, dramaturge and theater pedagogue for the Schauspielkollektiv and can also be seen on stage in several productions, including “The Story of Lena”, “King and King“, “A Sheep for Life ”,“ The Fisherman and his wife".